What is Poor Posture Doing to Your Neck Muscles?

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When we talk about overall physical wellbeing, the topics that usually receive a lot of attention are importance of exercising, eating right, getting adequate sleep, and laying off harmful substances like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. One factor, however, hardly ever makes it to this list – posture.

Considering how important good posture is to our wellbeing, it’s surprising how often it gets overlooked by health gurus, fitness enthusiast, and even doctors. To my mind, unless you have good posture, you cannot declare yourself physically fit; at least not in the truest sense of the word. Read more

5 Simple Tips to Deal with Spondylitis Pain At Home

Spondylitis painThere is one thing that every patient of cervical spondylitis must know: It doesn’t have a long-term cure. While performing surgery is a rarity here, there are a plethora of exercises that you can opt for to reduce the ill-effects of this ailment. Of course, you can take medication and can even visit the physiotherapist on a regular basis, but the key to dealing with Spondylitis lies in all those small things you do on a day to day basis. Read more