Here Is Why You Should Never Sit For Too Long !

maxresdefaultHere Is Why You Should Never Sit For Too Long!

Most of us who have desk jobs are required to sit for hours together in front of the computer screen. But this habit can result in several health issues.

It can be a trigger factor for a number of pains and ailments. Here are a few reasons why one must prevent sitting for too long.

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6 Easy Tips to Reduce Back and Neck Pain at Work

Dealing with neck and back pain is something we all go through. But is it an easy task to manage? In addition to deal with unpleasant aches, work gets messed up, family life cannot be enjoyed and finally result in higher expenses.

6 Easy Tips to Eliminate Back and Neck Pain at Work

Neck Pain at Work

  1. Setting up your desk: Go for a comfortable, adjustable chair. Learn how to adjust it to fit you, and a keyboard tray. Proper positioning of printers, screens, and mouse is important.
  2. Getting up and walking around: Sitting in an office chair seems easy, but it can be very tiring. Your posture suffers the longer you sit. If you have back, neck pain, it’s best to stand up and walk around the office every half hour.
  3. Don’t cross your legs: Sitting cross-legged makes it difficult to keep your spine straight and shoulders squared, and you risk overstretching the muscles around the pelvis, upping your risk of varicose veins by interrupting blood flow.
  4. Prevent Cervical Spondylitis with Exercise: Exercise is a great way to prevent further spreading of cervical spondylitis. However, it must be done cautiously and under expert guidance. You may also perform tai chi and yoga. Both of them will work on strengthening body hence increasing your flexibility without putting too much stress.
  5. Medicine to get relief from cervical spondylitis: These days there afre medicines available to give you relief.

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Ask an Expert: All About Improving Your Posture

Improve Posture to avoid cervical spondylitis

Back and neck pain are all too common for those of us who slouch over our keyboards all day and crane our necks while staring at our phones. It’s not back-breaking labour to sit at a computer, but it can sure feel like it. So how can we improve our posture and avoid aches and pains?




Here to offer some guidance is Dr. Rahul. Dr. Rahul is a trained physician they’re developing technologies to improve lives through real-time tracking of body movement. Dr. Rahul will be here for free consultation on understanding cervical spondylitis and its remedies so leave a question in the comments below!

Spondin Wins Another Approval from Homeopathic doctor

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It’s the little things that matter the most in life – little moments of happiness, little breaks from work, little sessions of gossip, and, in our case, little words of appreciation from our amazing doctors.

In yet another show of kindness, we have Dr. Shekhar from Lucknow who has taken some time out to write about how Spondin has helped countless patients suffering from cervical spondylitis. Read more

Cervical Spondylitis: Who All Are At Risk?

Identifying people who are at risk of spondylitisCervical spondylitis is the chronic deterioration of the bones and intervertebral discs of the spinal cord. It is a medical condition that happens as the result of inflammation in the vertebral joints. Usually, the symptoms of cervical spondylitis do not appear in anyone at a young age. It is only after the person touches the age of 40 does this ailment progress. Out of both the genders, men are more prone to suffering from it and that also from an early age.

A study by the Mayo Clinic states that this affliction is ‘present in more than 90 percent of people over the age of 65 although some have it in such small degrees that they never experience symptoms’. Cervical spondylitis negatively impacts different parts of the body, such as axial skeleton, peripheral joints, and extra-articular structures. However, this ailment has rarely left any person crippled or disabled. Read more

Spondin’s IPL Challenge Is More Than A Game

Banner for Spondin IPL 2015 contestLast week, Spondin launched its IPL campaign that invites Facebook users to predict the two players who will be the biggest pains in the necks for their opponents by scoring maximum runs and taking the most wickets by the end of this year’s Indian Premier League.

The contest is not a thoughtless attempt to ride the ongoing cricket wave in the country. Neither does it bank heavily on tempting prizes like Nike gift cards and gym bags to earn participations. Instead this campaign is the first initiative towards establishing the brand communication. Read more

What Do I Eat to Control Cervical Spondylitis

Everyone knows the basic guidelines to healthy nutrition. In fact, every doctor stresses on having a variety of foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and dairy products in your diet. In addition, drinking 8-10 glasses of water is also considered essential.

Assorted vegetablesAccording to Spondylitis Association of America, maintaining a healthy diet can help curb the ill effects of various physical ailments, such as cervical spondylitis for instance. In an article published in OMICS, it was revealed that even though proper medication and physiotherapy were good options for helping patients deal with this disease, diet also played an important role.

Since cervical spondylitis is caused by the chronic wear on the cervical spine, a permanent solution to this is elusive. However, a proper diet can ensure a long-lasting relief from this type of spondylitis. Read more

Spondylitis & Its Types

Cervical spondylitisPronounced as spon-d-lie-tiss, this disease is a form of inflammatory arthritis that majorly affects the spine and hips. It is derived from the Greek word spondylos, meaning ‘vertebra’, and itis, meaning ‘inflammation’. In other words, Spondylitis is the chronic degeneration of the vertebral joints.

Spondylitis usually appears in people above the age of 40 and progresses in intensity with age. It’s usually quite difficult to diagnose this condition. Owing to the generic nature of the symptoms – neck pain, lower backache and stiffness – most people dismiss it casually or pop a pill to handle the pain. This is usually a big mistake.  Read more