How Sedentary Lifestyle Can Lead To Neck And Shoulder Pain

Tired girl resting on table in officeAh! Everyone loves the financial perks that a 9-5 job brings to the table. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize that this oh-so-comfortable schedule is killing our neck and back. Ever heard of the ‘Sitting Disease’? I am not making this up. It’s for real and the Women’s Health Magazine was the first to mention it about 5 years ago.

In a study conducted by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, nearly 6,300 people spent roughly 56 hours a week sitting in front of their computer screens. The results were shocking. Apart from weakening eyesight, this particular posture had nasty effects on the neck and back, for three main reasons – lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and poor exercise. 

lazy man lying on sofaNo Exercise

With absolutely no or little movement, the body parts do become stiff. Hence, it is important to stretch or take a short stroll to keep yourself active physically. Even though it is difficult to get some exercise with a hectic schedule, it is highly recommended that you avoid simply sitting and staring at the computer screen. Physical movement is necessary for spinal stability, strong muscles and maintaining a correct posture.


Improper Diet

Girl looking at foodA sedentary lifestyle means you put your diet on the back burner. Always remember that eating healthy helps avoid chronic neck and back pain. An article in The Guardian stated that broccoli, in particular, slowed the progress of the most common type of arthritis.

A compound, in broccoli, known as Sulforaphane, is responsible for stopping the degeneration of cartilage in joints. Other dark green leafy vegetables should also be consumed to strengthen the bones. The best way to make sure you eat well is to make a diet plan. Eat salad regularly while working. That way you’re burning calories while working.

Lack of sleep

Girl sitting sadlyIt is difficult to concentrate on anything else but work when professional demands are high. A study by Arthritis Research UK claims that sleep is a major element that triggers persistent pain in the neck, hips and back.

Even the exact causes of the same are unknown, genes, weight, age and lifestyle are usually taken as the real culprits. Little or no sleep gives no rest to muscles and bones, leading to chronic pain in the neck and back.

As you can see, honouring your professional commitment doesn’t have to come at the cost of your work. Tiny steps, little measures, right choices, and an intelligent lifestyle can help you improve your health and keep the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle at bay.


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