How to get rid of desk work pains

Neck Pain at WorkOne of the most common problems that almost all men and women who are engaged in desk work is pains in the muscles and joints. These are desk work pains which can go from bad to worse and can hamper your work. Here are some easy ways of getting rid of these pains.

  1. Select the right chair:

One of the major reasons for desk work pains like cervical spondylitis is the wrong type of chair. Make sure that you select the right chair which has adjustable height and which makes you feel comfortable.

  1. Right posture:

Make sure that you sit upright and straight and not with a hunch in order to keep these pains at bay.

  1. Keep moving:

You may be very efficient but that does not mean you should not leave your desk at all. Take short breaks and move around a bit so that your body feels relaxed.

  1. Your computer should be at the right place:

Make sure that your laptop, mouse, keyboard etc are placed in such a way that they do not put any strain on your shoulder, hand, back etc.

  1. Make use of homeopathic medicines like Spondin:

Homeopathic medicines like Spondin from are very effective against ailments like cervical spondylitis . It helps in getting rid of the pain and stiffness in different parts of the body like arms, hands, fingers, neck etc. This medicine is also good for vertigo, headache, cramps, Neuralgia etc. Adults can take 10 to 15 drops in a half cup of lukewarm water thrice daily.

Make use of these simple ways to avoid the desk work related pains. Homeopathic medicines like Spondin give very good results in stopping these types of pains.


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