Should Your Laptop Be In Your Lap Or Your Table Or Maybe On A Laptop Stand?

Optimum Laptop UseToday world is modern world, and this modern world has provided much modern machinery to ease your work. One of that is a computer or a laptop. For most of us, laptop is a necessary tool to do work. It also facilitates that one can work anytime from anywhere. But if you use a laptop for long period of time, you may experience the pain and stiffness in your neck, head and shoulder. Sometime this pain can extends to upper extremities and lower back too. If this is not stooped, problem of pain and stiffness can be increased and results in to cervical spondylitis or spondylosis.

Basically if you are working for long period of time on your laptop, you have to sit in a particular position for long with neck bending to look below. This wrong sitting posture produces the pain, stiffness and heaviness in head. Sometimes you can feels vertigo, darkness, numbness and tingling in one or both hands. In extreme conditions, sudden loss of consciousness. These are the Spondylitis symptoms and the diseases are called cervical spondylitis.

For cervical spondylitis treatment, you first have to correct your sitting posture. But it is difficult in case of laptop as keyboard and main screen are attached in case of a laptop. If you fix the key board according to you then screen is too low and if the screen is at right height then keyboard go up. So it leads either pain in your wrist and forearm or in your neck and shoulder. This is the basic default in the design of a laptop. This is the common cause for writer’s cramp or for cervical spondylitis.

So if you cannot remain without a laptop, then you should use a laptop stand or a separate mouse and keyboard and connect them to your laptop. it will help you to correct your posture and relaxes to your neck and shoulder muscles as well as your wrist. You can adjust the setup according to your comfort. Now you can enjoy your work with any stress on your body.



The post has been contributed by Dr. Rahul, a homoeopathic practitioner. His clinics are spread across different cities in India. In his Word “I found Spondin a good medicine for treatment of Cervical Spondylitis. Ingredients of this medicine are trusted homoeopathic drugs”. Dr. Rahul Singh : BHMS (Pune), HMD (London), CNCC (Homoeopathic Physician & Consultant) New Delhi

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