Cervical spondylitis is perhaps the most common medical ailment that you encounter in tis time and age. Even though it is as widely prevalent as the common cold, it is difficult to diagnose owing to its general symptoms, such as headaches, back ache, discomfort in neck and joint ache.
If cervical spondylitis is not treated with immediate effect, the effects are harmful. In extreme cases, it might even need surgery to relieve physical pain. Hence, it is wise not to ignore any ache or discomfort the person may have and seek medical attention at the earliest.

In an age where people focus more on fulfilling professional and domestic commitments and ignoring their health, having basic knowledge about cervical spondylitis is a must. The pharmacy industry, today, is flooded with all kinds of drugs, some of which may have serious side effects.

Then there is SPONDIN Drops, a medicine that not only provides instant and lasting relief from the ill effects of cervical spondylitis, but is also free from side effects.


Corporate History

SPONDIN Drops is manufactured by BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB (formerly known as R. S. Bhargava Pharmacy), a global pharmaceutical company that lives by the promise of providing only safe, modern and affordable medication to people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

This company is the vision of late Dr. S.S. Bhargava, whose strong belief and dedication has brought the pharmaceutical company to new heights in this fast-paced and competitive environment of the 21st century.

About SPONDIN Drops

SPONDIN Drops replaces the pills, lotions, or gels available in the market and, instead, offers long lasting relief. This medicine also works towards fighting off any permanent damage to the spinal cord and nerves.

There are many reasons why one must use SPONDIN Drops. To begin with, there are no side effects, making it extremely safe product to use. The dosage can be easily administered anywhere and by anyone, and thus, can be carried around on your person.

SPONDIN Drops is also suitable for ambulatory patients. Most importantly, there is absolutely no discomfort of acidity and heartburn, unlike other pills.