Spondin Wins Another Approval from Homeopathic doctor

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It’s the little things that matter the most in life – little moments of happiness, little breaks from work, little sessions of gossip, and, in our case, little words of appreciation from our amazing doctors.

In yet another show of kindness, we have Dr. Shekhar from Lucknow who has taken some time out to write about how Spondin has helped countless patients suffering from cervical spondylitis. Read more

Nursing Moms, Take Note!

Silhouette of mother holding a babyThe first few months are rough for a new mother. After giving birth to her child, a mother’s body takes its own time to get the hormones back in balance. She has to carry, bathe, and most importantly, nurse her little bundle of joy. Naturally, she bears a lot of pressure in her arms, bosom and the front & sides of her neck. Taking care of an infant child is, indeed, a strenuous activity for a new mom.

Let us try to identify certain activities that cause acute pain to a nursing mother along with tips that can bring instant relief. Read more

Cervical Spondylitis: Who All Are At Risk?

Identifying people who are at risk of spondylitisCervical spondylitis is the chronic deterioration of the bones and intervertebral discs of the spinal cord. It is a medical condition that happens as the result of inflammation in the vertebral joints. Usually, the symptoms of cervical spondylitis do not appear in anyone at a young age. It is only after the person touches the age of 40 does this ailment progress. Out of both the genders, men are more prone to suffering from it and that also from an early age.

A study by the Mayo Clinic states that this affliction is ‘present in more than 90 percent of people over the age of 65 although some have it in such small degrees that they never experience symptoms’. Cervical spondylitis negatively impacts different parts of the body, such as axial skeleton, peripheral joints, and extra-articular structures. However, this ailment has rarely left any person crippled or disabled. Read more

What is Poor Posture Doing to Your Neck Muscles?

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When we talk about overall physical wellbeing, the topics that usually receive a lot of attention are importance of exercising, eating right, getting adequate sleep, and laying off harmful substances like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. One factor, however, hardly ever makes it to this list – posture.

Considering how important good posture is to our wellbeing, it’s surprising how often it gets overlooked by health gurus, fitness enthusiast, and even doctors. To my mind, unless you have good posture, you cannot declare yourself physically fit; at least not in the truest sense of the word. Read more

Planning to Pop a Painkiller? Read This …

Painkillers and their side effectsThere’s no doubt that painkillers are the best way to beat chronic pain on its head.  You have muscle spasms, you pop a pill. Your neck hurts, you pop a pill. You have a headache, you pop a pill. In short, there’s a pill for every little ache and pain we suffer from, and all of us are guilty of reaching for those pills  way too often.

Although it’s become second nature to take painkillers (also commonly known as opioids) every time your body aches, it’s a practice that is frowned upon greatly by doctors and fitness experts. Their biggest concern is that very often people are ignorant of the side effects these pills can have on your body, especially when consumed over a long period of time.

Don’t believe us? Here are some common side effects of indiscriminate use of opioids.   Read more

Bhargava Phytolab at iPhex 2015: The Report Card

Spondin's iPhex contestA few weeks ago, we’d shared our excitement to be attending iPHEX 2015 in Mumbai. And why not? After all, it brings together the drugs, pharmaceutical and the healthcare industry all under one roof, while showcasing Indian pharmaceutical products and technologies to a global audience.

For three days – 13th, 14th, and 15th May – the Bombay Exhibition Center was our home. We practically lived there while the event was being hosted. As the only homeopathic company representing the country in its genre, we were aware of the responsibility we had shouldered. And we intended to do our best. Read more

Spondin Receives Some More Love from Doctors

Dr. Ashish Chakravorty's testimonial

Just recently we shared Dr. Shashank Singh’s feedback on his experience when prescribing Spondin to a patient. And now, we have yet another success story for you.

Taking out some time for us from his busy schedule, Dr. Ashish Chakravorty, a specialist in Spine and Joint Disease, has declared how happy he is with Spondin in a letter to us.  Read more

Spondin Successfully Cures Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis














Kind and appreciative words are always welcome for any company. We are no different. We thrive on feedback received from doctors and patients and each testimonial we receive only strengthens our resolve to do better and widen our reach.

Here’s one such recommendation that has come in from Dr. Shashank Singh from Lucknow. In the case study he sent to us, he details the recovery made by a patient suffering from Cervical Spondylitis. Read more